Thank you for considering employing my services as a female British voice over for your podcast intro and outro. 


I know time is precious, so let’s get to it!


What am I going to get?

A professionally recorded and fully edited high quality female British voice over for your podcast intro and/or outro.


A few of the many examples of podcasts for you:

Scrawny Goat

Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy

Don Heatrick


How do I purchase this service?

For up to 200 words, add one of this service to your basket. For up to 400 words, add 2 to your basket, and so on.



You can have music added of either your own music that you have the rights to use, or I can add music from my own selection. Just choose one of these options when selecting the service to add to the basket.


Have a question?

If I haven’t got your answer in the FAQ’s, please do get in touch via. the contact form. Call if you prefer. Apart from when I’m sleeping, I’m available to you. No question is too daft. Ask away. 


What about Commercial and Broadcast Rights?

To keep things simple, by purchasing this service, you have the rights to use it for both commercial and broadcast purposes.


What information do I need to give you?

It is very important that we both understand what your expections are. This is achieved by giving as much direction, or an idea of what you want, letting me know who your audience is and an idea of the message your show is going to convey. I may ask you questions if I need to know more. 


Changing script or tone?

If you make changes to the script, have made a mistake or have decided to have it read another/additional way, this will classed as a revision. You will need to purchase these revisions in the shop and add them to your basket.


I have an FAQ page, so if you have any questions that are not answered there, please contact me.


I also offer podcast hosting services, so please take a listen to an example here and get in touch if this is of interest. 


Let's get to it and record something amazing!


Nicky Griffiths VO

Podcast Intro and Outro (200 words)

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Up to 200Words/Week
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£237.50every week until canceled
  • Please email your script to me at and give any directions you can. The more you can tell me about your audience, the tone and pace you want the script read and your characters, even the place and time your book is set in, the better. Ley's get on the same page at the start ;-)

  • One-Time Purchse

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    You can choose to pay weekly or monthly if you prefer, rather than paying all at once


    Or, use the subscription option if you require regular readings/narration of up to 5,000 words