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How to Leave The Perfect Christmas Closure Company Voicemail (With Example Scripts)

There's no time like Christmas. After the last couple of years everyone has endured, this Christmas will see the return to some level of normality. With that, many businesses and organisations will close their doors to let their employees enjoy a well-deserved break.

However, there will no doubt be customers and clients depending on you right up until the moment you lock up your premises for the last time in 2021. Thus, it's essential to let them know about the reduced (or lack thereof) operating hours during the holiday period.

For many businesses, the IVR system will act as the first point of contact, meaning you have an opportunity to inform them of the upcoming changes and when customers can expect you to return to business as usual.

But how do you get this voicemail message right for your organisation? Below I'll run through what you need to keep in mind and even give you a couple of example scripts to spark your imagination.

Things to Consider When Creating Your Christmas Holiday Voicemail Greetings

When crafting your script and recording your voicemail message, you need to remember that it's the first point of contact for your customers when you and your team have left the office. Thus, it needs to be professional and trustworthy – even if you decide to take a quirky tone that reflects the Christmas spirit.

Keep these points in mind when crafting your script and recording your voicemail greetings:

Keep it short - A good rule of thumb is no longer than 60 seconds.

Make sure it's simple and easy to understand - Don't give convoluted explanations, just provide them with your hours and dates for reopening.

Ensure it's easy to listen to - The last thing you want is for people to turn off your voicemail because they can't stand listening to it. Loud and overbearing background music is to be avoided at all costs!

Get the tone of voice right - Your voice over artist needs to sound both professional and caring so that customers understand that you're only temporarily closed due to the holiday season. Also, take steps to ensure your chosen voice reflects your overall branding strategy.

Leave an emergency contact number - Emergencies can happen at any time, so it's a good idea to leave an emergency contact number should something extraordinary take place.

Remember, even if you are a sizeable commercial enterprise, there is nothing wrong with injecting a little personality and festivity into your voicemail greeting. Just make sure it ticks the boxes listed above.

So with those considerations out of the way, let me give you a few example scripts to give you an idea of what you might want to leave as a holiday voicemail greeting while you're away for the festive period.

Example Voicemail Scripts for Holiday Period

As promised, below are a few examples that you can perhaps use as a template to work out the perfect voicemail greeting for your specific organisation:

Example Voicemail Greeting One

Hello, you have reached [company’s name]. We are closed for [X holiday] from [X date] till [X date]. We will reopen on [X date] with the usual operating hours of [X hours] until [ X hours]. In case of emergency, please contact [employee’s name] on the following number [telephone number], or you can email them at [email address]. Happy holidays! [or you can use "Merry Christmas!" if you prefer].

This script remains professional thorough while injecting a little festive spirit at the end. However, if you feel the above message lacks personality, you could try using the script below as your base template.

Example Voicemail Greeting Two

Hello! Thanks for calling [company’s name]. We are closed for Christmas as Santa and his elves needed urgent help with present preparation and distribution. If you are calling with an emergency, [employee’s name] is available on the following number [telephone number]. Otherwise, we will be available again from [X date] when we return to regular working hours. Until then, we wish you the merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year!

As you can see, this still gets all of the information across while injecting a much more jovial spirit.

In the end, the direction you choose to go in will very much depend on your overall brand voice, and it's something you can discuss with your voice over artist to ensure they have the right tone while delivering your greeting.

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Merry Christmas!

Nicky Griffiths

Voiceover Services Ltd.


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