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Anxiety Guided Meditation I Progressive Muscle Relaxion I Better Sleep I Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety Guided Meditation I Progressive Muscle Relaxion I Better Sleep I Relieve Anxiety

In this Anxiety Guided Meditation, we will practice PMR. *Please consult with your doctor before beginning any type of relaxation training exercise or any new physical exercise program.* In Progressive Muscle Relaxation, you tense a group of muscles as you breathe in. Next, you relax the muscles as you breathe out noticing how your muscles feel. You work on your muscle groups in a certain order. Practicing progressive muscle relaxation for a few weeks will help you get better at this skill, and in time you will be able to use this method to relieve anxiety and stress and lower your overall tension, as well as improve your sleep. When you first start, it may help to use this video until you learn all the muscle groups in order. You will learn to distinguish between the feelings of a tensed muscle and a completely relaxed muscle. Then, you can begin to activate this relaxed state at the first sign of the muscle tension that accompanies your feelings of anxiety. By tensing and releasing, you learn what relaxation feels like and how to recognize when you are starting to get tense during the day. Take care not to hurt yourself while tensing your muscles. You should never feel intense or shooting pain while completing this exercise. Make the muscle tension deliberate, yet gentle. If you have problems with pulled muscles, broken bones, or any medical issues that would hinder physical activity, consult your doctor first. Be well friends! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and turn on notifications so you don't miss a single upload! Like and Share 🙏