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Nicola Marks
Author of Children's Books

Penny Panda's Fabulous Collection Of Hats

Do you love wearing hats? 


Penny Panda does! She has a wonderful collection of hats that she’d love to show you.


She has a hat for almost every occasion! Let’s look through them together and Penny can tell you all she knows about them. 


Perhaps you already know what they are called? I bet you can name some of them.


Penny Panda’s Fabulous Hat Collection is a beautifully illustrated and educational children’s book for a wide age range of 1-7 years. 


Penny takes you and your child through her collection of hats, naming the type of hat, what it is used for and even where you might wear it.


Educational and interactive, with beautiful and fun imagery for everyone to enjoy.

Penny Panda Front Cover Half-2.jpg

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