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Nicola Hewitt
Author of Non-Fiction Books

Work Less, Live More:
How to work productively from home, create a stress-free environment, manage distractions, your time, and pressures of life, so you can work less hours and enjoy more free time

Are you struggling to cope with working from home? 
Are distractions leaving you feeling stressed and unproductive? 
Are your family and friends pulling you in one direction and your work in another? 
Have you become ‘all work and no play’? 
Do you feel like, unless something changes soon, you’ll lose control and will never be able to find the balance you so desperately crave?
Yes? Then this book is for you. 
Whether the pandemic has permanently altered your working arrangements and you're not dealing well with the new setup, or you work from home running a business and are struggling to find a good balance of work and ‘me time’, this book will help.

You’ll learn how to work more productively from home, create a stress-free environment to work in, manage the distractions and pressures of daily life, manage your time better and work more focussed and non-distracted hours, so you can work less and enjoy more free time.
Let me show you how to Work Less and Live More


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